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Phong Nguyen's Bronze Drum

John Mort's Oklahoma Odyssey: Our Journey

More Than a Good Horror: Silvia Moreno-Garcia's Mexican Gothic

To Borrow a Phrase: Is Stealing a Word
A Working Angel

We're All in the Race: Ann Patchett's Run

About Anne Tyler’s Redhead By the 

Side of the Road

From a Good Heart and Great Pen: Honeyman's Eleanor Oliphant

Raccoon and I: Two Wrong Decisions

Short Response to Lightning Flowers, by 

Katherine E. Standefer

Patricia Lawson's Short Fiction: Odd Ducks

John Mort's Down Along the Piney: Finding the Dream


An Affinity for Kindness (re George Saunders)

Revisiting Mary Troy's Swimming on Hwy N

On Shakespeare's Birthday, a Double Superlative

Churches Omitted Last Post

A Friend's House

A Model for Bold Writing: Adam Johnson

Writing in the Ocean: Write, Read, Write

Spring Flight Poets

Kingsolver's Ruse

Thoughts on Reading: Ted Chiang

Thoughts on Voice and Style

Dastard: a Word to the Wise

Friendship With Trees
Judging Fiction Contests
Bird Bouquet
Tiny and Powerful: Stephen King’s Elevation
Grasshopper Doings on Grover Street
Thoughts on Reading
Stone, Cold, Sober, Thought
That Turtle Dove
A Kind View in Ryan’s The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir
Possible Spoiler: A Ghost Story
Warning: A Sappy Dog Story
Praise for The Shape of Water
Impromptu Piano Christmas Duet
Last Week of Summer at UCM
Our Community Rose Garden
For the Love of Books, Today Paulette Jiles’ News of the World
Why Quote the Bully?
Heads Up! Anyone Find the Wrong Treat in Beggin’ Strips?
Fiddling “Put Your Little Foot”
Humming Giraffes, Purring Cats, Loving Animals
Is a Failed GOP Health Care Bill Trump’s Plan?
Does Belle Eat at the Banquet?
Good Wishes for Melania
If a Staged Error, a Misguided Good Intent
Staged Error in Favor of Love and Peace
Victoria and Albert Spoiler (with brownies)
Closed Caption Censorship
About Gary Cadwallader, Artist
Another Post on Dreams: Dreaming as a Power Play
Little Gift Shop on the Square
I’m Voting for Hillary, but Speaking Now for Trump
A Little Lost in St. Louis
Forgiveness, Not Trust
Fiddles, Cats, and Rosins
Flying in Dreams and Elsewhere
Yea for Karen Dolley and Creative Anachronism
Does “Taken” Mean “Killed” in Big Game Hunter Language?
Firing Roger Stone the Best Campaign Strategy Yet
Church Dolls, Pew Babies, Handkerchief Dolls
Grey or Gray? I’ll Take the Peasant Class (a repost)
In Praise of Keith Donohue, writer (a repost)
Good Jack Hanna (a repost)
Music Behind Bud Ad: Passenger (a repost)
Justice or Hidden Agenda: Paula Deen (a repost)
Sacrificing Carie Charlesworth
Stalking Points Investigation: Creating an Enemy
Memorable Scene in Herzog’s Heart of Glass
Living in Harmony with the Squirrels in the Chimney
Asperatus Clouds Photo by Witta Priest
Not a Book for Everyone: Adam Johnson’s The Orphan Master’s Son
A Bit More on Baglio’s The Rite (and the Devil)
The New Delhi Horror
Charlie Beljan’s Panic Attack
Why the Furor about Petraeus Affair?
In Search of a Philosophy
Trampoosing Blues in a Word
The Writer’s Language
The Web Ghosts
A T. C. Boyle Line or Two
The Lambasted Lover: Bergman and Haneke
If Only Akin Could Experience What He Requires
Shuttle Tatting: Now Which String Do You Pull???
Geniuses Among Us
Animal Emotions
The Delicate Touch of Taj Mahal
Citizens and Law Enforcement: Mutual Respect
Some Humor at a Jam Session
Yea! Brown Mountain Lights Under Study
Steven Tyler’s National Anthem Was Fine
Groundhogs Can Climb
Photo of a Ghost?
Grateful for Steve Job’s "Oh Wow!"
Birds Dying Again; Again a New Year
A Fiction Writer in the Natural World
Cats and Frogs (and other prey); To the Rescue
Loving Attention: Lolly and Lucky
A Protest Stroll! God Bless Them
The Hummingbird Spy Plane
The Question Posed by the New Cosmic Census: Why haven’t aliens visited us?
Loughner, a Victim
Pride and Dialect
Fall Starts When I Buy School Supplies
Plagiarism Continued
Railroad Spike, Southeast Missouri Sentiment and Practicality
Neanderthals, Here, There, and Yonder
Believing in angels or just other species
Census, a Personal Touch
Why was Tillikum the Whale Still "Working" Near Humans?
The Compensation of Writing Fiction
Bullies (by Kristine Lowe-Martin)
Witches, Warts, and Toads
Witch DNA
Prayer Power
Bad Luck Spider
Two Movies on an Icy Day: Avatar and Sherlock Holmes
From the Bootheel With Pride
The Changing Vernacular: Working on Food
Angels in Secret
Fond of Giants (1)
Tolkien Dream Bit
Working in Dreams
The Night Shift: Flexible Hours Sleep Cycle (No. 4)
The Night Shift: Flexible Hours Sleep Cycle (No.3)
The Night Shift: Flexible Hours Sleep Cycle (No. 2)
The Night Shift: Flexible Hours Sleep Cycle (No.1)
Ghosts of Plagiarism Past
Missing Witchcraft Books

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