A Common Person and Other Stories, a collection of short stories by R. M. Kinder, has been selected by the University of Notre Dame's Creative Writing Program as the thirteenth winner of the Richard Sullivan Prize for short fiction. The prize-winning volume will be published by the University of Notre Dame Press in Spring 2021. Judge Valerie Sayers, the William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of English, calls the collection a "knock-out" that 'honors ordinary lives as it gracefully accretes striking images and motifs for tension and impact.'"―  ​https://english.nd.edu/news/r-m-kinder-wins-sullivan-prize.​

Even in the darker stories, Rose Marie Kinder’s trademark strengths can be found in abundance: narratives that unfold with ease and end at exactly the right moment, spot-on dialogue, a keen eye for the emotional landscape and generosity of heart. Like all fine story writers―from Mansfield to Munro―Kinder knows, from the writer’s perspective, there is no such thing as an unremarkable life.   ―   Catherine Browder, author of Now We Can All Go Home

These clear-eyed, daring, delicate, and deeply organic stories hum with animal vitality: dogs and snakes, gunplay and witchcraft, music and tornadoes. Rose Marie Kinder has a fearless heart; she approaches the human condition without preconceptions, and the result is a collection of startling wisdom and piercing beauty.  ―   Trudy Lewis, author of The Empire Rolls

R.M. Kinder may be a modern-day Katherine Anne Porter with a vein of Flannery O’Connor darkness squiggling throughout, but she puts me most in mind of Lucia Berlin in sensibility and droll intelligence.  These stories illuminate the lives of a big swath of beleaguered Americans—the common persons; they are ironic without bitterness and moving without sentimentality. Kinder manages to bolster our hope for humanity, even as she doesn’t flinch from the hard face of 21st century reality.   A Common Person and Other Stories is full of heart, generosity and absolutely stunning writing.  It deserves all its prizes!  -- Karen Brennan, author of Monsters

​Reading a Rose Marie Kinder story is like plunging your face into a clear, cold, spring-fed stream. Everything is changed, refreshed, and revelatory. Her beautiful new collection, A Common Person and Other Stories, is a constant, thrilling reminder of magic and power that reside in the people—and the animals—that surround us every day. –  Whitney Terrell, author of The Good Lieutenant.

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